Cars is a  way to see what you are reading is fake or reall…Cars means Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, and Support.

Credibility, means if what you are reading if fack or if it is telling the truth so what you read and if u tell some one that it wont be wrong and thay wont make fun of  you and ur facks are strong.

Accuracy means, that when u read something that its not from 2002m year and it is up to dayte thats not that old that can be uploded up to a week or two.

Reasonableness means, to have reasonable informashion for whatever you are doing.

Support means, that most information presented in an article comes from other sources so it can support what u are doing, reading or writing.

And that is what cars is so when ever you need to make sure that what you are reading is in up daet or that is accuret or that is not that old.

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